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Youth Programs - Benefits

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Safety Benefits
Aikido techniques are designed to be effective without being destructive. On a very practical level, our youth programs teach children to:

  • avoid dangerous situations handle bullies — not become one
  • neutralize aggression
Another important aspect of Aikido is the art of ukemi, or tumbling. Children learn to roll and fall safely - an invaluable skill in their rough and tumble world.

Athletic Benefits
Aikido training improves strength, balance, physical coordination, and flexibility. Aikido offers a good workout, enhances agility and increases sports abilities.

Family Benefits
Aikido offers families a new perspective on fitness, fun and peaceful empowerment. We encourage parental involvement and offer a variety of ways for parents, family and friends to support and celebrate your child's learning, accomplishments and promotions.

Social Benefits
Aikido teaches children how to cooperate and succeed. Aikido of San Luis Obispo youth programs will help your child learn to:

  • make friends and avoid making enemies take responsibility and consider others relax in stressful situations focus and concentrate increase mind-body coordination develop emotional intelligence
  • sit quietly and listen attentively

"I bring my daughter to AikiMites because it raises her self esteem and gives her self confidence and assertiveness."

Regular training will help your child develop good learning skills and the kind of follow-through that gives children self-confidence as they grow.