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Adult Program Information


Never done Aikido? Start anytime!

  • At Aikido of San Luis Obispo, men and women of all ages are warmly welcomed to start Aikido in a safe, non-competitive and supportive environment.
  • Become more flexible, powerful, and coordinated as you use principles of blending, flowing, balance, timing and gravity in new and exciting ways.
  • Learn Aikido techniques and foundational skills in a step-by-step, helpful, non-judgmental training environment.
  • Practice getting out of the way of strikes or grabs.
  • Learn to fall gently and get up safely.
  • Start applying basic locks, pins, and throws to neutralize aggression.

Experienced Students

  • Experienced students can benefit from attending Beginner and Basics classes, as there is always a deeper level to experience with any aikido training.
  • In addition, experienced students can train in mixed level classes that offer a faster training pace as well as more complex movements and techniques. Entrance to mixed level and advanced classes requires appropriate ukemi skills and approval from the chief instructor. 
  • Aikido of San Luis Obispo dojo members receive official ranking through our CAA affiliation with Hombu Dojo/Aikido World Headquarters

Student Manual

The Student Manual outlines dojo philosophy, etiquette, training guidelines, rank requirements and procedures, and other important information for students and teachers at Aikido of San Luis Obispo. The most recent edition is available at the dojo. Excerpts from the Student Manual are available to read online.
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