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Dojo Etiquette

Entering the Dojo
Upon entering or leaving the dojo, a brief standing bow is directed towards the shomen where the founders picture resides. Also, prior to stepping onto or leaving the mat, a similar standing bow can be done.

** Please note that when a class is already lined up for the formal class bow, please wait outside until the class bow is complete before entering or leaving the dojo.


Class is About to Start
The time before a class officially begins is a time of quiet preparation for students where you can stretch, meditate, and prepare for training. When the class is just about to begin be seated quietly in line and in seiza facing the shomen as the instructor steps onto the mat. The instructor will now formally begin the class.


Exiting the Mat While Class is in Session
Before stepping off the mat be sure to always notify the instructor at an appropriate time. Remember to bow when entering or leaving the mat. If you know in advance that you will have to leave the mat during class, let the instructor know before the class begins.